Light on Leiden; 5 unique city walks

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Biography Diana van den Driessche (Rotterdam, 1957) moved to Leiden in 1977 to study...
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Biography Diana van den Driessche (Rotterdam, 1957) moved to Leiden in 1977 to study psychology. Ten years later, she became a citizen of Leiden, and when she graduated at Leiden University, following tradition she signed her name on one of the walls of the so-called 'zweetkamertje' (the sweat room) inside the Academy building. After her studies she worked many years as a researcher and scholar. In 2005 she started a blog for de Volkskrant, wrote about her passion for arts and cultures and photographed all-day beauty. As a journalist she wrote for Leids Nieuwsblad, De Leidse Stijl and as well as working on commissions for the Rotterdam Theatre. She has been following the theatre company PS|theater and the international music and theatre ensemble De Veenfabriek. Diana wants to share with others her love of Leiden, and get the message across that while Leiden is a city of exceptional beauty - laden with history and tradition - it is also bubbling with contemporary life. 'Light on Leiden' is her first book. In Light on Leiden, Diana takes you by the hand to lead you through the streets of Leiden. She describes and shows us locations that she feels are of great interest to everyone. Diana shines 'her' light on Leiden. She talks about events that she finds noteworthy. She describes buildings, streets, alleys, and events that she feels the reader should see. She interviews people who interest her. All the individual parts of this production have come together to paint a stunning picture of the city, but it is not just for tourists. Light on Leiden is equally a book that the good people of Leiden can also learn from.
EAN: 9789082073942
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